Our Mission

Nearly 30 percent of attorneys suffer from some form of depression and about 19 percent exhibit signs of persistent anxiety. With the expectations put on them by their law firms, clients and the outside world, attorneys facing these struggles feel they must hide them and end up having no one who understands what they’re going through that they can turn to for support.

As both a licensed therapist and accredited lawyer, Pamela Michelle guides individual lawyers through these issues, having faced them herself and overcome them. She also helps law firms and corporate legal departments cultivate a healthy culture that boosts overall happiness, creativity and productivity.

Pamela’s mission is to help hurting souls in the legal profession by assisting with support, education, insight, training in human potential, compassion for Self and for others, and bringing light to everyone she works with in support of their Higher Selves.

A decision breaks the magic spell of custom (habit). A decision breaks the long row of weary thoughts. Nothing happens before you decide to begin. -Soren Kierkegaard


Inner. Outer. Unified

Expanding your human potential by accessing your Highest Self
– what we owe to ourselves and the honor of living life in a fulfilling and meaningful way.

Inner World

Alignment w/ job/career
Self-talk/Limiting Beliefs

Outer or External World

Daily Habits including intentional living, gratitude, and mindfulness
Relationships at home and work

Unified/Whole Being

Expanding your human potential through insights, practices, processes

Hire Pamela For…


As your coach, Pamela will be the advocate your soul is crying out for and so richly deserves.
Together you will discover what really lights you on fire in terms of purpose and daily efforts and what really needs to be shed.


Pamela can consult broadly with your firm to cultivate a culture of happiness, creativity and productivity and can also consult one-on-one with your staff to ensure your firm’s top talent remains passionately with you.


Pamela teaches from many perspectives gained from her extensive education, personal experiences, scientific research, and even wisdom traditions. She can speak to your management or legal team to provide insights and answers to the legal professions most challenging questions.