Soul Of Lawyers

Pam Olsen

J.D., M.S. Mental Health Counseling and ICF Certified Coach

White Knuckling Through A Legal Career: A Lawyer’s Journey With Fear

Anyone in the legal profession has left the office or awoke in the middle of the night with a sudden sinking feeling that something important has been missed!  In my [...]

Contingency Fee and Client Expectations: The Difficulty in Not Billing For Your Time

The contingency fee is often a source of great freedom for lawyers and their clients.  The courts have held it ethical in that it prevents an unfair barrier to the [...]

It’s Not You It Is Me: A Lawyer’s Journey With Blame and Personal Responsibility

Law and principles of justice imply there are true victims and rightful blame.  The civil justice system provides for financial compensation in the case of losses and quantifies much of [...]

Depression In Law and Life: The Soul’s Journey Toward Wholeness

There is probably no one among us who has not felt some form of depression in their life.  It is defined as a mood disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical [...]

Setting Goals Is Not Enough: The Key to Making Changes in Your Law Practice and Life

It is nearly the end of the year and soon there will be the New Year's Resolutions.  Even without this tradition, as driven professionals, many of us are quite accustomed [...]

We Are All Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Embracing the Shadow Self In Law and Life

The title of this blog may seem a little 'dark' or may lead you to think about all the lawyer jokes you have heard in your life or career.  The [...]

Being Great At Argument And What This Means To Relationships In and Out of Law

Law students and lawyers are trained to hone their skills in making legal argument. While, theoretically this is based on legal analysis and rationale, clearly emotion plays out in many [...]

Maslow Did Not Bill Hours: The Lawyer’s Journey to Self-Actualization

Abraham Maslow wrote about the journey to self-actualization.  Located at the top or peak of the hierarchy, he described this high-level need in the following way:  "What a man can be, [...]

Zero-Sum Games In Law And Life

 A zero-sum game occurs when one player’s gain is another player’s loss. Law often involves a perceived winner and loser. Some wins or losses are relative in that a better [...]