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“Give me 5 weeks, and I will give you the tools necessary to practice law with awareness of your higher nature, rediscover your own passion for your life in and outside law, and feed the soul so you don’t just survive, you thrive.”

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Blessings to my colleagues and a heartfelt hello!

Welcome to my soul filled vision that I hold for you! I am beyond honored to spend much of my time (when I am not actively practicing law) helping lawyers like you to shed the dread and remember who you were before the practice of law may have started to drain your spirit. It is my desire to help you rekindle your passion for your life in and outside of law so that your bring your whole and deepest self to your law practice. It may also be that some of you are in need of change, and I also assist you in assessing your life goals and heartfelt desires to get you to the place of expressing your highest calling. Whichever it is for you, I cannot wait to embark upon this most enchanting adventure - a quest if you will - toward the treasure that is within your soul!

Finally, Learn the Strategies to Achieve Peace of Mind and Life Balance While Building A Thriving Law Practice You Love!

Are You Answering Yes to These Questions?

  • I feel overwhelmed in the office and always feel I need a break which does not actually refresh me
  • I’m concerned the stress is affecting my mental and physical health
  • I can’t stop thinking about my cases, even outside the office
  • It’s difficult for me to let go of problems, failures or issues inside the office and I can’t seem to leave “work” at work.
  • Sometimes, I feel addicted to my job as a lawyer; it’s my whole identity
  • I “beat myself up” when I don’t work a case perfectly
  • I’m making job decisions based on work success alone
  • I am engaging in reactions and behavior in my law practice that I am not proud of due to the stress or overwhelm that I feel.
If you answered yes to most or all of the above, it’s time to STOP, take a deep breath and know that there is a better way to do this.

Introducing The Soul-Loss to Soul-Full Lawyer Course

The Soul-Loss to Soul-Full Lawyer Course was created specifically for people like you; lawyers who love what they do but who have lost the passion they used to have for their career and are wondering how they stopped making time for the rest of their life.

The Soul-Loss to Soul-Full Lawyer Course teaches you how to be a successful lawyer AND still keep a healthy balance in your life, respond to the pressures and demands from your best self, and to assess the congruence of continuing on this career track relative to your deepest values and wishes.

This course will give you many tools necessary to begin or re-begin a soulful questioning of your life and behaviors within your career so that you may successfully practice law and feed the soul so you don’t just survive, you thrive.
The Soul of Law Course is: 5 Weeks of Key Insights Into Personal and Professional Success
The course takes place over five weeks and is split into five course-intensive modules. Each module is delivered online via audio, video and text formats—to fit all learning styles.

Module 1:

Learn why you do what you do—your prime motivation, and measure it against true values assessment.

Module 2:

Examine how your thoughts impact your personal and professional life. Gain valuable insight into your internal beliefs and how they affect your external circumstance.

Module 3:

Overreacting in the workplace to stressful situations? Learn how to respond rather than react in challenging communication settings.

Module 4:

Learn how to reconnect with the lost vitality in your life, and fill in those missing emotional and mental puzzle pieces.

Module 5:

Discover the eight key areas that makeup your life as a whole—and find out how you can take action to balance each one, so you can achieve the life you desire.

"It’s easy to lose yourself in casework, clients and the never-ending quest for perfection. But, perhaps the issue that has gone unattended to is how you feel, think, and behave due to your internal state. Finally, there is a community and a course that will help you begin to assess your internal state as ultimately success is an INSIDE job first from which you can bring your best self to the external expression in your career."

In The Soul-Loss to Soul-Full Lawyer Course You will….
  • Rediscover who you are as a lawyer and individual so you are re-energized about your career and life from the inside out
  • Bring more fun and relaxation to your life by balancing the needs of the workplace with your needs as a person
  • Reduce stress and anxiety by learning how to react and respond healthily to difficult client situations
  • Create a thriving work and personal life—motivated by your individual passions
This course is for you if.....
  • You feel like you have 'checked' your better self at the door in your law practice.
  • You know their are skills beyond what was taught in law school to add to career contentment.
  • You feel there is something 'missing' in being happy in your deepest self.
  • You want to bring more of yourself to your work and your life!
  • You know that steady awareness and learning are keys to your personal and professional growth.

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