Pamela Michelle, Kenneth Ballard & Sam da Man invite you to join us on a most amazing Magical Mystical Mystery tour to the fabled Isle of Bali. If not now when? This is our time. Just say yes!

Bali Hai:

Dances Of Love

Nov 27 – Dec 10, 2017

This is a most potent life changing
Journey into the heart of Bali.

You will meet and be with Ken’s multiple Bali healing families and participate in ceremony and ritual from our opening morning until our last evening. Woven into that is plenty of time for relaxation and integration. Ken and Pam will shepherd you through a most amazing holistic and synergistic program.

It is time to dance into your full potential. Time to dream a new dream & embody your heart’s wildest desires. It is time to say Yes to you. If not now when?

We invite you to join us in Bali for a profound Transformational Celebration, a rare treasure. Travel with us on this potent journey, gaining exceptional entree into the hidden inner world of Bali. Awakening. Healing. Re-Membering who you really BE. A time of unbridled bliss filled with unconditioned Love. A time of renewal and rejuvenation. A time to celebrate Love and exponential expansion.

2017 marks 31 years of KenLa leading Bali journeys. KenLa offers a unique, exclusive experience in Bali that is without equal. Pam and I are setting a gourmet table of experiences that will be a pure delight to partake of. We together are Bridges & Gatekeepers for this sacred work, and I am filled with gratitude to be in this position.

Pamela Michelle for more
information or questions

I know of no one who can begin to touch the depth and breadth of connection I command in Bali. For the last 10 years, along with my 4 Balinese family(s)-I have designed, evolved, & refined a synergistic holistic program that is catalytic & life changing. This is a potent intensive! The gifts received are beyond measure. Now my dear Pam joins me in this dance and a potent duo we are. Open and Receive. Open & Receive is the foundation of our Spirit Play in Bali. Open your hands and your heart to receive all Bali has to offer at her most magical. Again, and again we simply open to the mystery and receive all Bali offers us. In that Sweet Ease.

Join Us in Bali!

Join Us in Bali!

A profound & special
experiential time of
being held in a sacred
container of Love.

As my dear friend the Balinese elder Lingsir says, Siva brings back to the origin that which no longer serves us. It is a time of gently shedding old skin realities.
Letting Go. A time of renewal & rejuvenation. A time of birthing anew. A time of total reset. Open & Receive the life of your dreams, by simply saying Yes. Yes, I am open and I am ready.
Our program includes an amazing multi part diagnosis by one of Bali’s most gifted healers followed by a series of daily sacred water ceremonies, potent prayers in temples of power few visit or have access to: powerful rituals, sacred dance, and visits to ancient power places.
We travel in Balinese as insiders, following the impulse from the world of Niskala(inner to outer). We enter a most magical mystery, welcomed with love and open arms by my family here.
We gently and with Love, maximize the potential for expansion, awakening, healing, and remembering. This is a time of renewal. This is a time of rebirth. Those who participates with me in this program comes away forever changed. Life will never be the same, this I know. Life is meant to be lived as a celebration and in that sweet ease.
This Journey unfolds during the potent December full moon. It is small and intimate. Please join us on this rare once in a lifetime Journey!

Itinerary (subject to reality & any special ceremonies)
Nov 27 – Day of arrival in Bali, transfer to Ubud hotel to relax & settle
in. No program/No Meals included.

Nov 28 – Orientation & gifting of 2 traditional sarongs for sacred
bathing & ceremony. Meet with the first of my Balinese family,
amazing shaman, healer & initiator: MM. He will perform a
multi faceted in depth diagnosis first. Then he will administer our
first flower water sacred bathing ceremony tailor made for our
diagnosis. Family style Lunch at hotel. Late afternoon to female
shaman/healer/medium IA for sacred dance/moving energy & a
golden coconut sacred bathing purification. Dinner not included.

Nov 29(Wed) – Morning spirit play with IALingsir. 2 pm Lunch with
MM. Second sacred bathing ceremony with MM. Lunch. Dinner not

Nov 30 – Up the mountain to a small village for our next octave
convergence of rivers and 5 sacred waters with MM. Balinese Lunch.
Return to our hotel in Ubud.

Dec 1 – Morning Sacred bathing ceremony at the 1000-year sacred
spring of Tampaksiring. Lunch. Afternoon excursion up the mountain
to our sacred bathing ceremony and sound healing meditation with
my dear friend Ms IR, an amazing Pedanda High Priestess. On to
continue our spirit play with Ms. IA Dinner not included. Dinner not


Dec 2 – Morning Lingsir. Lunch. Afternoon free. 830 pm departure for
MM Kalachakra sacred bathing at a sacred beach South in Sanur. This
must be performed a day before Bali’s full moon at a specific ocean
area before our Abundance ceremony the nest day.

Dec 3 – Morning Free. Lunch not included. 12:30 bags out. 1 pm
departure to the ancestral family land of MM. A high honor. We will
participate in and receive a most amazing ceremony of abundance
called Rambut Sedhana. (Purnama)

Dec 4 – MM drive 90 minutes over high mountain lakes for potent
sacred bathing lake ceremony. Afternoon departure to our Northern
Java sea ocean retreat. Bring snacks Lunch not included. Dinner.

Dec 5 – Full free day on the ocean to relax, massage/spa, & integrate.
Lunch/Dinner not included.

Dec 6 – Morning Free. Lunch. 445 pm departure to some very amazing
temples to Kuan Yin, a temple for divine grandmother Ratuniang, &
culminating at Melanting, Bali’s temple of Abundance with IA and
Balinese spirit family. A potent series of prayers with Shaman Ms. IA.
Dinner not included.

Dec 7 – Late morning to the potent Pura Sakti temple for a powerful
sacred bathing and healing ceremony. The massive ancient tree there
holds a deep spring source for healing, Lunch. Free until the following
morning for the ocean, spa and relaxation.

Dec 8 – Breakfast. 930 am bags out. Check out at 10 am and drive
over the mountain to MM family compound for 9 direction powerful
sacred bathing. A deepening and expansion and completion of our 6
ceremonies with him. On to our hotel for check in.

Dec 9 – Morning free. Lunch not included. Afternoon to Shaman Ms
IA Final Dinner.

Suggested option arriving a day early on Nov 26 to settle in: We can arrange your room at our group hotel at $125 per night inc. breakfast same cost for one or two. Give yourself this gift. Added to final balance.

Mandatory Waiver – Our Mandatory Waiver must be signed before our journey begins. No exceptions. Please speak to me about this before you place your deposit if you have questions. It contains all the information below as part of our contract-agreement.

Advance agreement required re Ken’s healing family before sending payment: The healers that are part of Ken’s Balinese family are rare gems, mostly not on the radar screen for Westerners. Before you sign up know we require a firm agreement/sacred contract that you neither seek these healers out on your own, attempt to network them for any other people, speak about them in any public forum such as Facebook, write about them, or photograph them.

**We are strict about no photography of the healers and for any of these ceremonies. Please consider if that is OK with you before you sign up.

We do not share them or details of our experiences with others outside our group, and agree not make them public in any other manner. This contract is part of the waiver. We require a passport copy attached to waiver. There will be no photographs from Cameras I Phones, I Pads etc during any of our times with the healers and ceremonies. We enforce this policy strictly.

Very Limited Beach upgrades to Suites: $60 per night per room x 4 night $240 (If 2 share a room, $30 per night per person. First come first serve. Group is in Deluxe Garden or Ocean Bungalows.

Meals (Daily Breakfast + 10 Lunches or Dinners included in Itinerary-Most Dinners & an occasional Lunch not included-There are many restaurant suggestions in Ubud near where we stay. Meals are approx. $5-20.

*There are times due to our program we are on the go & ask people bring snacks in lieu of Dinner. You can bring favorite snacks/energy bars from home & we will occasionally also stop at Bali Buddha/Down to Earth where you can buy delicious & inexpensive snack foods.

What’s included meal wise: Included meals are family style. All ala carte orders are not included. Vegetarians please let us know in advance. Food is ample, healthy & delicious.

Breakfast: Each hotel has their version breakfast choices included. Regular Bali coffee/black tea only are included. Ala carte breakfast/beverage orders aside from what hotels normally offers not included. Specialty coffees such as Latte/Cappuccino not included.

What’s included Beverage wise Lunch/Dinner: At group hotel meals bottled water plus choice of regular Bali coffee or black tea only are included.

Sacred ceremonies: On occasion we offer an extra optional sacred ceremony not part of the Itinerary, approx. $50 for one of these.

Note: Of course, we will make time for optional shopping special woodcarver, textiles etc if people would like that. KenLa is a treasure hunter.

Non-refundable Deposit of $1000 per person due by March 27. Final payment wired by September 8

Contact Pamela Michelle for more information or questions