Perhaps the most prevalent human resources challenge law practices today face is preventing their attorneys from burning out. It is a problem for most firms, as attorneys often must work long hours, address emotionally draining legal issues and work in a highly competitive professional environment.

In this white paper, we fully explore various challenges lawyers face when it comes to stress, anxiety, depression and related issues—and how they often lead to burnout and serious physical health problems. We also examine the most effective ways law firms can avoid these issues from arising by taking a number of proven measures to create a more positive and healthy work environment.

This white paper will show you:

  • Jarring statistics that show the prevalence of the internal struggles attorneys face
  • How stress affects legal professionals and impacts the firms they work for
  • How “compassion fatigue” can lead lawyers to withdrawing from their life relationships
  • Why you shouldn’t overlook burnout as a major cause of unhappy lawyers on your staff
  • The 3 ways to counteract burnout and general job dissatisfaction in your law firm

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